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     AFU K!DZ TV is a cultural edutainment platform for children, adults, family environments and all who appreciate positive vibrations and frequencies through Hip Hop music in the form of various audio-visual works. We were inspired to create this platform due to an overwhelming lack of delineation of Covid19. In fear of sending their own children to any public school district, they decided to school from home. Everything is original, created, and owned by AFUNATION RECORDS LLC. All video work, post production editing, and creative structures are executed and completed by Devon & Latorshia Blair. We work very hard on these original audio-visual creatives for families worldwide to enjoy. AFU K!DZ TV is an educational video center for adolescents. We "edutain" with pro-social messages that promote acceptance and friendship. Our songs stimulate young minds and provoke positive behavior. Get ready to sing-a-long because these quirky household Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs come with a modern Hip-Hop twist (unheard of in the rap industry) for all to enjoy. Everything is done "in-house". All music composition, engineering, audio-visuals and post-production is created and owned by AFUNATION RECORDS LLC. We've got merch coming soon so visit our website frequently by tapping on the "website" icon on our channel banner. Please like & subscribe to our Youtube channel below for more content and hit that bell notification for instant updates. Thanx for supporting AFU K!DZ TV!


"Great for family trips, kids love this" -Latorshia Keair Blair (C.S.O)  

"Sing-a-longs for the ages that even adults enjoy" -Devon Anthony Blair (C.E.O)



















"AFU AGENTS" is an animated series that follows 2 hip hop agents (Agent Afu & Agent K) around the world on different missions, linking up with some of hip hops most iconic figures in efforts of preserving its lost culture. We consider this small collation of work to be the precursor to our AFU K!DZ TV audio-visual creatives