BIOGRAPHY: Devon Anthony Blair Jr. and Latorshia Keair Spencer are the Founders/Directors of AFUNATION RECORDS LLC.  What separates AR LLC from other businesses in their industry, is that they are a collaborative enterprise with international outreach around the world. Trusted partners are positioned throughout the U.S & overseas (where we’ve established strong presence) to introduce new revenue streams to a multitude of marketplaces. We offer an array of premium high quality production & industry standard mixing and mastering services, to intercontinental collaborations through our universal outreach platforms designed to get artists heard & involved with other content creators foreign & domestic. Our personal mission is to insert intellectual creativity into non-native demographics adding a unique global value to our portfolio. Bridging the gaps by connecting large swaths of humanity through culture and music is a cathartic release for us. We take deep & great pride in our work ethic and handle all Multi-media Artwork for our clients, in addition to ourselves. Devon Anthony Blair who’s stage name is “Afu Maa Kheru”, is one half of the company, titled, “CEO, President & Founder”, while Latorshia Keair Spencer makes up the other half of the company and sits at the top of the structure as “CSO, Executive Director & Founder. They came together in North Carolina as significant others and expanded their relationship into a dynamic duo as the creators and partners of the burgeoning imprint ‘AFUNATION RECORDS LLC’.


Welcome to our music video debut press release. On December 2,2021 we released our single K.Q.O.R (Kings Queens Of Rap) through our digital distributor "DistroKid". Our debut single is now available on all interactive streaming platforms (itunes, Spotify, Shazam, etc.)



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