Devon Anthony Blair jr, Chief Executive Officer, President, and Co-Founder of AFUNATION RECORDS LLC



Devon Anthony Blair Jr received his undergrad certification in 2018 from Full Sail University. He was the recipient of the "Momentum Scholarship" award in 2019 and went on to continue his education to ascertain a bachelors of science degree in digital cinematography, landing his first prestigious internship with the 'San Diego International Film Festival' from 2019-2020.


BIOGRAPHY: Devon Anthony Blair Jr. and Latorshia Keair Blair Founders/Directors of 'AFUNATION RECORDS LLC' and are the main artist of their own label. Their personal mission is to insert intellectual creativity into non-native demographics adding a unique global value to our portfolio. Bridging the gaps by connecting large swaths of humanity through culture and music is a cathartic release for us. We take deep & great pride in our work ethic and handle all Multi-media Artwork for our clients, as well as ourselves. Devon Anthony Blair Jr who’s stage name is “Afu Maa Kheru”, is one half of the company, while Latorshia Keair Blair who's stage name is "Lady Keair", makes up the other half of the formulated structure. They came together in North Carolina as significant others, magnetized by their love for music and expanded their relationship into a dynamic duo as the creators-partners of the burgeoning brand, ‘AFUNATION RECORDS LLC’.

Latorshia Keair Blair, Chief Strategic Officer, Executive Director, and Co-Founder of AFUNATION RECORD LLC



Latorshia Keair Blair received her certification in early childhood education in 2004 from 'Central Piedmont Community College', specializing in "Music and Movement". After graduation she maintained her position in the field for 10+ years, kick-starting her drive to produce animation for kids, in addition to creating an array of various projects as a self-taught graphic designer in 2021.